Bitterman – Demonise CD


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About: Featuring members from Hackjob, The Slm, Misgivings and Bloodbuzz. Bitterman is a band clearly yearning for the 90s grunge/alt. rock sounds of Helmet, Therapy? and Big Black. Featuring big riffs, heavy distortion and songs about the darker side of humanity.

Special Edition Black CD (Limited stock!)


  1. Hallowed Ground
  2. Fever Dreams
  3. God is Dead
  4. Mea Culpa
  5. Empty Shell
  6. What we do
  7. 3:25
  8. Crayons
  9. Angor Perpetua
  10. Just so you Know
  11. Of Dust and Ashes
  12. Ender

Released on the 23rd of March 2019