Various – Ozgin


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Rip Roaring shit storm records release



1 Acid Shark Acid Shark
2 Employed To Serve Day Bleeder
3 After The Last Sky The Shame Of The Parasite
4 After The Last Sky The Time For Choice Is Gone, The Time For Cruelty Is Here
5 F. Emasculata F-Emasculata
6 F. Emasculata Season 9
7 GODSICK The Snap Of Senses
8 Yudluger The Levelling Dust
9 Bring To Ruin Routine Evil
10 Piranha I Walk The Same Way Home Every Night
11 Rash Decision Glory Hole
12 Rash Decision Evil Dead (Zeke)
13 Fetus Christ (2) Ring Tony
14 Fetus Christ (2) Eardisley Hardcore
15 The Atrocity Exhibit Fake Bands (The Dicks)
16 Gets Worse No Remorse
17 Meatpacker Gendercide
18 BEG Beg To Exist
19 CAGE Grind Noir Book Of Secrets
20 CAGE Grind Noir The Rock Pt 2
21 CAGE Grind Noir Seeking Justice
22 HorseBastard Suppository Soundscapes
23 Skat Injector Deepthroat Bulihmia
24 Black Skies Burn The Shit Storm
25 Evisorax Locust Breeders
26 Joythief Rapist Youth
27 Joythief Self Worth
28 Krupskaya The Spores Drift On The Wind
29 Krupskaya Years Past Into Isolation
30 Krupskaya Contaminated Dead Atmosphere
31 Human Cull Dogma
32 Human Cull Will To Submission
33 Purify The Horror PIG
34 Purify The Horror Future & Fantasy
35 Black Veins The Hierarchy Has Failed
36 Corrupt Moral Altar Whiskey Sierra