Charlie’s Big Ray Gun Records

Punk / Hardcore / Thrash / Folk Record label from the UK, located in Portsmouth.

We Put on shows through PPP (Portsmouth Punk Promotions) and Pompy Punks Collective (Pompey-Punx-Collective).

We have started our new Video website Charlies Big Ray Gun Records TV, get over and check it out !

If you’d like to get in touch about any items for sale or for queries regarding your bands up coming releases, please drop us an email or through our Facebook Page

We run our own Distro. We are always happy to take in new stock from bands so please drop us a message.

See you by the stage,

Jochen and Dave and the Southsea Crew



Record labels and Distros

Shatterpunk Records  Portsmouth based Label

Lockjaw records  Guildford/London based Label

TNS Records  Manchester Based Label

Umlaut Records  London Based Label

Less Talk More Records  Punk Collective Label


Groups / Collectives / Promoters

Pompey Punx Collective gigs and events in Portsmouth

Portsmouth Punk Promotions gigs and events in Portsmouth

Carnival Punks gigs and events in Bristol

Uncomfortable Beach Party Promotions Gig and events in Ipswich


T shirt printing

VinoSangree Screen Printing  all your T shirt / Patch and Tote badge printing needs



Shatterhand: Scottish DIY, Anti-fascist drunk punks from Falkirk

The SLM: Fast thrashy punk from Portsmouth about zombies, sharks, zombie sharks and more

Armoured Flu Unit: Anarcho, D-beat warriors from Southampton

Healer Of Bastards: Angry, fast and catchy hardcore punk from Birmingham

Autonomads: DIY dub punk and ska from Manchester

Public Order Act: Dub punk for optimistic nihilists straight outta Bristol/Pompey

Matilda’s Scoundrels: Upbeat folk punk gang from Hastings

51st State: Anarcho punk 2 piece from Exeter. Noisy drums and big fat dirty bass

Mercurius Rising: Anarcho acoustic ska punk band from Bristol and Pompey

Subvision: Raging anarcho punk / metal from Kincardine

Rash Decision: Fast and hard thrash punk/metal from Cornwall

Grand Collapse: Tight hardcore / thrash punk from Cardiff and Bristol

Virus: 80s anarcho punk from Dorset permanently reformed in 2006

Hack Job: Fast fast fast hardcore and power violence from Portsmouth and Southampton

The Barracks: Great catchy punk rock from Hastings

Burnt Cross: Some of the most amazing anarcho punk ever made! Recording project from Brighton

Abrazos: 2 piece traditional anarcho from the south coast

Armpits: Black grinding crust from Boston

Kontakta: Raging d-beat punk from Southampton

The Lab Rats: Folk-Punk duo based in Manchester

Throw Rocks At Cops: Vegan Anarchist Folk Punk from Doncaster

Kiss Me, Killer: Riot grrrl racket from Bristol

Pokémon Liberation Army: Poké-conscious skacore punk rock from Bristol

Darko: Melodic Hardcore Punk from Guildford

Bitterman: Noisey alt-rock-noise things from Portsmouth