Tenia – Altrove


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New CBRGRecord release, Hard hitting Italian Hardcore for Tenia


Squat Crust/Metal/Hardcore/Punk/screamo


Will be supplied in Black


Influences-¬† 80/90s italian hardcore, but there’s a bit of other stuff, like metal, emo and, some say, crust As to defining the music, we really want it to be very attached to the scene of squats and self-organization. Even if some lyrics are not political, everything comes from a political point of view, the very album was concieved in “political spaces”. In this album we talk about being somwhere else, may it be a physical place or a different state of mind; is a bit of a disenchanted cry for help, but mostly a hopefull call to action, because you’re the only one who can save yourself. Maybe the fact that it was created during the pandemic influenced it a little..


Also some other labels inc Dead Invoises Records  and Forever Dead Punk Distro